What are among the best industries to work in as a data scientist?

Many industry verticals have invested in large amount in the field of data science & machine learning – large and more established companies have a richer source of data & infrastructure wherein small & medium scale enterprises are still in the growing phase. A few of the companies wherein data scientists are extremely high in demand as well as pay are Lyft, Facebook, Amazon (all paying an average salary of more than $150,000 on a yearly basis).
Other than that, companies such as Walmart, E-bay, Intuit, Gatehouse media etc. all pay their data scientist an average pay of over $125,000 on a yearly basis.

To me the best place to work as a data scientist where you can make a solid living and not spend it all on housing and transportation. It would be nice if there were cultural, social and environmental features that I cared about.
The industries or fields where I am Passionate about and would like to pursue a data science carrier in-

  • Finance is the most lucrative.
  • Startups can be rewarding by working on very interesting challenges and rewarding at the end
  • Software companies (Google, Microsoft, etc)
  • Government agencies (FBI,NSA, CIA, NASA, etc) are also exciting, since you get to work with the data you wouldn’t access to otherwise.