What all specializations are there in MBA and which one is the best?

Choosing MBA is indeed a good decision after your bachelors, while choosing specialization there are indeed certain things which you need to be familiar about, hence quite a thinking should be done and the specialization subjects could be from your area of expertise .
During the 1 year of MBA you will be familiar with all the mba subjects which include marketing, finance, operations and so on. Hence its up to you that which particular subject you like and in which domain you want to build your career in . Hence their are certain things which you need to consider before choosing your subjects like:
Marketing: Students opting for marketing should be familiar with the fact that they should be having a extrovert nature, good communication skills, presentation skills etc. Because these skill set will be very useful for them in their job profiles for future.
FINANCE: This is a domain in which students good with accounting and numbers opt for. This field requires less man to man interaction as compared to marketing. Job opportunities are also wide in this domain. There are lot of opportunities in bank, finance companies, insurance agencies etc.
HR; This domain is human resource planning, they cover training and management of staff. It is seen that this domain is dominated by women. Hence majority of women choose HR domain, they mainly handle the human resource available and are also involved in recruiting, staffing and training.
OPERATIONS: This is also a very unique domain which is also growing in a fast way. This domain makes you familiar with supply chain and logistics industry. E-Commerce giants such as Flipkart and Amazon hire MBA operations as inventory manager, supply chain manger role.
IT: MBA in IT is also a unique field, as in todays world technology is booming hence having knowledge on IT will be very helpful for you. Software Companies hire MBA IT for better manangement in the IT SECTOR.