What actions did specific contacts take on my site before becoming a customer?

As marketers, part of our job is to figure out the path that our contacts take on their journey to becoming a customer. We want to find trends or patterns in this path in and effort to decrease the time it takes for someone to go from being a contact to a customer. We also want to figure out the key pieces of content that someone needs to hit on our site before converting. By uncovering this type of specific information, we can then find creative ways to present that content earlier on in the contact to customer journey.

In order to do this, you need a way to see this journey and understand everything that someone is interacting with from the moment they come to your site until they become a customer. You need to understand what emails they opened and clicked, what blog posts they read, and what pages they interacted with on your website.

In HubSpot you can do all of this through the contact timeline. This display allows you to dive into each individual contact separately to generate a better understanding of the steps they’ve taken towards becoming a customer so that you can make more informed decisions when creating and distributing content.