Use actionable language in your call-to-action in Email Marketing?

That’s right: Emails have calls-to-action, too. Well, the good ones do. First and foremost, your email call-to-action should be extremely easy to identify. Remember: People scan their emails. If there’s one thing you want your recipient to pick up on, it’s your call-to-action.

If you’re sending an HTML email, you may decide to include a button, like this AmazonLocal email did below.
There are two qualities that make this call-to-action button effective:

  1. Great design: First, notice how the large, bright orange button stands out from the blue design; that call-to-action certainly isn’t hard to find.
  2. Great copy: The copy on the button is just as important. Your call-to-action button should include language that is succinct, clear, and action-oriented. This AmazonLocal button tells you in very few words what you can do using verbs – you can view the deal showcased in the email.

But it’s also crucial to spend some time optimizing your plain-text emails for clear calls-to-action. No matter how fancy your HTML email are, not all email clients will render your images, and not all email recipients will choose to display your images. In fact, [we studied whether HTML emails or plain-text emails performed best and found that, while people say they prefer HTML-based and image-based emails, in reality, simpler emails perform best – and plain-text emails perform best of all.

Take a look at how one of our emails [makes use of linked anchor text to draw recipients’ attention toward the calls-to-action.

I hope you find this information helpful…see you on the next topic