Types of Trading Jobs:

It is a well-known fact that despite the global financial crisis of 2008, trading careers will continue to be a very favorable outlook. Financial trading can be a very rewarding career choice for anyone with socio-economic insight, analytical aptitude, and a strong determination to succeed.

Kinds of Trading Jobs:

  1. Sell-Side Traders:
    If you work for an investment bank, like many traders, you will probably trade on behalf of the bank’s clients rather than making a direct profit for yourself (in the case of previous banks). like). You can trade in any of the primary markets, but most sell-side traders specialize in a particular area.

  2. Buy-Side Traders:
    If you work for an asset management company, you may be on the buyer’s side of the spectrum. For most companies, this means working under a portfolio manager that provides the basic direction. It is then the dealer’s responsibility to improve the details and implement these instructions. As a result, this means that your main task is to find the best time, price, or product to execute a transaction, but it is always within the set parameters of the Portfolio Manager.

  3. Hedge Fund Traders:
    Hedge fund traders usually use their employer’s capital to execute transactions under the direction of a portfolio manager, but once established they have much greater freedom. Unlike sell-side traders, they work to make a profit for themselves, not their clients, and top traders can earn (or lose) nine numbers in a single day.