Types of knowledge

1. Declarative Knowledge:

  • Declarative knowledge is to know about something.
  • It includes concepts, facts, and objects.
  • It is also called descriptive knowledge and expressed in declarativesentences.
  • It is simpler than procedural language.

2. Procedural Knowledge

  • It is also known as imperative knowledge.
  • Procedural knowledge is a type of knowledge which is responsible for knowing how to do something.
  • It can be directly applied to any task.
  • It includes rules, strategies, procedures, agendas, etc.
  • Procedural knowledge depends on the task on which it can be applied.

3. Meta-knowledge:

  • Knowledge about the other types of knowledge is called Meta-knowledge.

4. Heuristic knowledge:

  • Heuristic knowledge is representing knowledge of some experts in a filed or subject.
  • Heuristic knowledge is rules of thumb based on previous experiences, awareness of approaches, and which are good to work but not guaranteed.

5. Structural knowledge:

  • Structural knowledge is basic knowledge to problem-solving.
  • It describes relationships between various concepts such as kind of, part of, and grouping of something.
  • It describes the relationship that exists between concepts or objects.