Type of Video AD

What type of ad is in this given image ? its not instream ad and video discoverey ad ?.

Video discovery ads are on YouTube search page, in-stream ads appear on YouTube watch pages and across websites and apps running on Google video partners. instream ads run before or after the video or during video is played in YouTube. Mast heads are the banner ads on YouTube home page

  • This ad is YouTube Home Feed ads (YouTube Discovery Ads). These are banner ads, which have buy type ad CPC ie you are charged whenever someone clicks on your ad. Upon click , you can take user to landing page, youtube video or playstore to install the app

  • Google Discovery Ads have emerged as a very strong performance channel for generating leads. In some cases, after Google Search, Discovery ads have emerged as 2nd best channel for generating quality leads, even beating facebook.

  • Apart from this, we can run Truview Skippable ads on youtube. Here we can run our video ad (more than 6 sec) on different videos. They can run as Pre roll (before the video play), mid roll ( in between the video) and post roll (once the video ends). We cannot decide where to place our ad, as this is something YouTube decides. Here a view is counted at 30sec (or less if the video is smaller than 30sec) or if someone interacts with our video. We also have an option to place a companion banner, (optional), once clicked user is taken to a landing page. The buy type for a truview skippable video ad is CPV (ie you are only charged when someone views the video)

  • YouTube Non Skip Ads In order to run non skip ads on YouTube, our video has to be 15sec (20sec if we apply for whitelisting our account). Here, the buy type is CPM and user cannot skip the video ad till the complete duration. Since this is non skippable, the VTR are generally higher than the Truview skippable ad.