Top Digital Marketing Topics for an MBA project in 2022

Influencer endorsement in digital marketing

Influencer endorsement is one of the greatest digital marketing topics for MBA projects in 2022. You might conduct research into which brands gain the most from this strategy and give a comparison of celebrity and influencer endorsements.

How do SEO tools affect client satisfaction?

Because search engine optimization can make or ruin a website, it is a top focus in digital marketing. Is it true, however, that spending more on SEO tools ensures client satisfaction? The search engine optimization of websites is a crucial consideration when considering the criteria of digital marketing. You can gather information from two companies: one that concentrates on SEO and the other that does not.

Lead generation in a digital landscape

Cold calling may not be obsolete, but it is still outdated. The new normal is lead generation via funnels and targeted marketing. How digital marketing has changed lead generation for a firm is an attractive topic for MBA projects centred on digital marketing.

A case study of pre-pandemic digital marketing vs. post-pandemic digital marketing

Examine how digital marketing has changed in the years leading up to and following 2020. Analyze the changes in lead generation by doing a SWOT analysis of organisations that adhere to both. You can gather relevant and accurate statistics by going to local shops or restaurants. The importance of digital marketing on small businesses is undeniably growing. As a result, you can examine the details, and it could be an excellent MBA project topic.

B2B enterprises should use digital marketing.

To grow their earnings, B2B enterprises require the assistance of other businesses. What impact does digital marketing have on these businesses? You could undertake a case study on a B2B company in the automobile industry, for example. What sets it apart from B2C businesses?

Customer preferences and the impact of social media

Social media is a massive marketing gimmick, but to what extent can it alter customer preferences? Follow the progression of your friends as consumers and record their trajectories. Also, learn what those who do not use social media are used to and how much of their hobbies are their own.

An examination of digital marketing techniques in comparison

These days, digital marketing tools are all the rage. These tools execute analytics without the need for human intervention. The correctness of numerous programmes is one of the best digital marketing subjects for MBA students. Examine competitors for SEO tools and note what characteristics they have, then compare them to market need.

A case study of digital marketing and company in the midst of a lockdown

Find proofs and submit a report on the lockdown’s company. How has the epidemic affected a company’s digital marketing campaigns? How did a company with no or minimal digital marketing activities fare during the pandemic? This can be done using either primary or secondary data. Examine the extent of the pandemic’s impact and the potential for digital marketing to help. If you can produce this case study for the industries that gain the most from digital marketing, that would be ideal.

A case study of local business research

The pandemic struck local businesses the hardest. You can interview a local grocer or dressmaker to see how digital marketing has influenced critical and non-essential businesses to determine the impact of digital marketing.

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