Top 5 job profiles an aspiring data scientist should target post covid

Reskilling and upskilling are the need of the hour if you are planning to find a job in the field of data science post covid. Covid has changed the demands of the public, the priorities and hence business strategies of companies. Some of the previously popular data science skill sets have now become obsolete with remote working now becoming a norm.
Check out these 5 job profiles and start preparing now as the pandemic relaxes and the world tries to move back to normality.

  1. Data Analyst
    Data analysts are given the responsibility to manipulate and transform large data sets.
  2. Machine Learning Engineer
    One of the top-paying jobs right now in data science, the job profile is going to be even popular post covid.
  3. Machine Learning Scientist
    Another very exciting upcoming role in the field of data science, a machine learning scientist has to work more on the research part than analysis.
  4. Applications Architect
    This role specialises in designing applications and supervising them. The whole office staff now has to cooperate with working from home and office. For projects to be streamlined and for proper teamwork, the applications should be working smoothly.
  5. Business Intelligence Analyst
    Business Intelligence Analysts are responsible for ensuring that the information collected through various channels is utilized properly