Top 10 women data scientists in india in 2021

Usha Rengaraju

Usha Rengaraju is one of the top women data scientists in India currently working at Infinite-Sum Modelling. She has strong foundations in Economics, Finance Business Foundations, Business Analytics as well as Psychology. She has more than seven years of hands-on industry experience and organized TensorFlow User Group Mysore and GDG Mysore. Usha successfully organized the first-ever symposium in the interface of Neuroscience and Data Science as well as developed the Data Science course curriculum for BITS Pilani. She is followed by 24,210 people on LinkedIn as she is an active speaker at various popular platforms such as DevFest, Google Cloud Next 18, Indo Data Week, PyLadies, and much more. She has volunteered at Women in Machine Learning and Data Science (WMLDS) with over 31 different certificates in the field of Data Science.

Sudha Devi

Sudha Devi is one of the women data scientists currently working at Deloitte. She performed as a speaker at Google Cloud Platforms, WIDS 2020, AWS Summit Online India 2021, and many more. Her special skills include Data Science, Scikit-Learn, R, NLP, DL, Python, Hadoop, TensorFlow, ML, Hive, Spark, H20 and the list goes on. Sudha has two certifications from Coursera and currently being followed by 9,721 followers.

Yaasna Dua

Yaasna Dua is one of the top upcoming women data scientists currently working at McKinsey & Company. She is known for her quick designing skills while conducting Data Science experiments with strong mathematical fundamentals and programming skills. She has over 20 certifications in Data Science and AI from reputed companies and institutions. Yaasna has created a testbed for job recommendation algorithms as well as maintained APIs for unregistered user job recommendations. She has 4,330 followers on LinkedIn along with her special skills including ML, Python, R, DL, Data Analysis, MongoDB, SQL, MySQL, and Java.

Kriti Gupta

Kriti Gupta is currently working at Intel Corporation with a Master’s degree with a specialization in Data Science and ML. Her special skills include C++, Python, SaaS, ArcGIS, and Tableau with extensive knowledge of ML. She has three certifications from KPMG and having 2,739 followers on LinkedIn.

Nabanita Roy

Nabanita Roy is one of the data scientists at ACI Worldwide with 2,231 followers on LinkedIn. Her specialization is in Data Science, Statistical Data Analysis, ML, Python, OOP, DL, Java, TensorFlow, Hadoop, AI, Data Analytics, and so on. She has the ability to think outside the box and translate in-depth insights into business benefits. She has eighteen certifications in Data Science courses while maintaining her own blog site with 2,231 followers on LinkedIn.

Manisha Dhingra

Manisha Dhingra works as a data scientist at Microsoft with a coding background in a customer-first B2C reputed company. She focuses on unraveling consumer behavior in eCommerce platforms using advanced ML and statistical models to generate in-depth Data Science products. She has almost 2,130 followers on LinkedIn with eleven certifications to enhance Data Science knowledge. Her special skills include ML, predictive modeling, AI, data mining, SQL, HTML, MySQL, Perl, PHP, RabbitMQ, and much more technical programmings.

Kathakali Seth

Kathakali Seth is currently working as a data scientist in TCS Enterprise Digital Twin product development along with 2,050 followers on LinkedIn. She has five certifications in Data Science with special skills in ML, R, Python, predictive analytics, speech analytics, SQL, PMP, SDLC, SAP Lumira, and many more. She has hands-on experience as a data scientist at TCS AI Hub in domains like communication, media, and information services.

Supriya Raman

Supriya Raman is one of the women data scientists in a reputed company known as Levi Strauss & Co. with over 14 years of experience in the Data Science field. She is a data analytics lead proficient in designing and developing predictive analytics ML models to detect patterns and extract in-depth business insights. She is proficient in using Scrum methodology to write succinct user stories in agile frameworks. Supriya has received 16 certifications along with her special skills in ML, AI, SDLC, ETL, JCL, COBOL, DB2, IBM DB2, VSAM, CICS, GCP, women’s leadership and the list goes on. She currently is being followed by 1,612 followers on LinkedIn and one of the top women data scientists in India.

Pavani V.

Pavani V. is a data scientist at one of the reputed companies called PepsiCo with a specialization in Python, NLP, AWS, Azure, and much more programming software. She has hands-on experience in the IT service with skills in C#, computer vision, data analytics, image processing, AI as well as ML. She has achieved five certifications in Data Science from Microsoft and Coursera. She currently is one of the top women data scientists in India with 1,568 followers on LinkedIn.

Arushi Sharma

Arushi Sharma is one of the women data scientists working at McKinsey & Company with 1,422 followers on LinkedIn. She has practical experience in Data Science with the help of advanced analytics across the Banking sector. She has worked with predictive modeling, demand forecasting, churn modeling, text mining, sentiment analysis on large-scale banking analytics transformation projects.