To become an AI entrepreneur, should I start a company after a master’s in AI or first get a PhD in AI?

To become an AI entrepreneur, you neither need a masters or PhD. You need a problem statement that no one has solved, convince yourself why you have the distinctive capability to solve it.

The vision is not enough, building a good team and executing the idea is key. Lots of people have a vision but cant execute.

A masters and PhD are great technical degrees, but entrepreneurship needs a very different kind of mindset, being tenacious and resilient on your vision untill you accomplish it.

Dont do a masters or PHD for the sake of entrepreneurship. Do it only if you feel you will get the required technical expertise to execute your vision.

Your vision should drive your technical expertise, not the other way !

What should I choose as my career? I am intereseted in 3D Animation but it has been only 2 months. But, I am really interested in it. I am currently in Class 11th. Also, what is the scope of getting a job in that field. My dream is to go to Pixar

Animation is nothing but immersive storytelling using the power of technology. So you either have to be a highly creative visual storyteller or have fantastic grasp over the technology medium that make a story real on screen.
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