Tips for new product managers

If you are just starting out as a product manager or have moved into a new role, the breadth of your responsibilities can be overwhelming. There is a lot to do — so take it in stride. Here are some tips to be a great product manager in your first 30 days:

Start with strategy Each product decision, even early on, should be rooted in strategy. So do not jump into decision-making impulsively. Dig into the existing product goals and make sure you understand what you are trying to achieve.
Get to know your customers Empathy is essential for successful product managers. Spend time really getting to know the problems that you solve for customers. Sit in on sales calls, make time to meet real customers, and analyze all of the information and data available to you. Deep understanding takes more than 30 days — but you can make a lot of progress by showing curiosity in the first month.
Build relationships with your team You will not find success on your own. Product managers rely on the development team and product designers to build the right product. And you lean on marketing and sales to successfully bring it to market. So build genuine connections with your teammates — strong relationships foster trust and better communication.
Learn to say no You will get plenty of requests from every corner of your organization — a plea for a new feature that will help close a deal, a request to fix a bug now, or an idea for an improvement. On top of that, you will hear from customers too. You cannot possibly please everyone all at once. Develop a prioritization framework and get comfortable saying “no” or “not now.”
Take your time It takes time and patience to grow into a new role and find lasting success. Be ready to learn the same lessons on repeat and to ask a lot of questions. Allow yourself the time you need to become the go-to product expert at your organization.