Tips for answering “what do you do for fun

Start vague, then get progressively more specific. For example, try talking about how much you love video games in general and gauge the hiring manager’s interest before you start talking about your favorite Starcraft build orders.

Be passionate. When you start talking specifically about your hobbies, make sure that you’re showing how important they are to you. Speak with enthusiasm or the recruiter might doubt you have a genuine interest in what you’re talking about.

Bring up constructive hobbies. It’s okay to talk about some of the less “exciting” hobbies that you might have, like watching Netflix or going on long walks, but make sure that you balance these out by bringing up more positive hobbies as well.

As a last resort, bring up interests. If you have trouble coming up with these constructive hobbies, try talking about your interests, or hobbies you’ve either had in the past or would like to eventually have.

Answer the question directly. Don’t avoid the question, or talk about things you don’t like to do. The hiring manager will wonder why you’re trying to avoid answering the question and will assume the worst.