The first data science job

How to get your first data science job? A lot of people have already addressed that in blogs. It’s not easy, but it’s not impossible either.
But in the next phase, you’ll have 2-3 offers, which one should you join? As a junior least important is your CTC. People triple their in hand salaries in a couple of years, if they are very good. So, in order to be very good, make sure the company you go to, and the department you will work with, has good senior data scientists around from whom you will learn. This environment will be invaluable as you take the learnings for the rest of your career.
Also, prefer a mid size company that is growing. A very large company is too sluggish for your growth sometimes, whereas a small startup doesn’t have full processes from where you can learn the standard practices. Nonetheless, startup would still be a better option than a large company as long as you know there’s someone senior out there from whom you can learn.