The fastest way to create data apps⚡🚀

Yesterday I talked about how Plotly enables you to make pretty plots in your Python notebooks.

But why shall those be limited to notebooks?

Not just plots, any Machine Learning or Data Analytics and Viz app needs to be served as an app for a better usage.

But do you really need to learn a whole framework such as Flask or Django?

Enter Streamlit.:fire:

Streamlit lets you build such web apps and quickly deploy without worrying about any frameworks.

It has a live coding setup, so any changes made to the source code can instantly be shown on the app page.

The best thing about Streamlit is that it’s pure Python.

Which means it’s not only free to use, but also super easy to use!:zap:

You don’t need to be an expert in routing and building web apps to make a great data app with Streamlit.

Streamlit apps are essentially Python scripts. So if you know Python, you’re good to go.

Also note that Streamlit is not here to replace Flask and Django (at least as of now).

Which means it has a lot of limitations and a lot of ground to cover.

But it’s great at what it does. And you should definitely try it if you haven’t!

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