"Tell me about yourself" - how to answer this interview question

This is one of the most popular interview questions to prepare for. It may appear straightforward at first, but candidates frequently wonder, “What does the interviewer truly want to know?” and “How much should I be “telling”?”

This is one of the most frequent interview questions for companies to ask applicants; consider it a refresher or summary of your main abilities and experience, but don’t just recite off your CV. Learn how to avoid merely listing facts while also avoiding talking to talk or go off-topic!

Why do employers ask “tell me about yourself”?

  • To get up to speed
    While you may know your graduation CV like the back of your hand after spending hours going over it, bear in mind that an employer may not.
    Remember that your interviewer has probably had a hundred and one other things to think about in the period between initially examining your graduation CV and asking you to an interview.
    It’s your duty to get them to remember why they invited you to the interview in the first place.
    What you should do: Think of it as a quick refresher - offer a quick rundown of your graduate CV, including a description of your degree and any essential skills you learned, what you’ve been up to subsequently, and what has led you to seek this graduate position.

  • To get you talking
    Not just what you say, but also how you say it, is crucial to interview success. Whatever graduate career you choose, you’ll need to be prepared to work with a diverse group of people.
    This might include anything from pitching new ideas to clients and clarifying complex topics to following up with colleagues on a project or convincing consumers to buy.
    All of these circumstances need confidence, clarity, and conciseness, and an interview is an ideal chance to demonstrate these qualities. The term ‘concise’ is important here; you must not ramble when answering this interview question; you must maintain the employer’s attention throughout.
    What you should do:
    Keep in mind the most crucial characteristics for the position from your employer research when asked to tell the interviewer about yourself, and keep yourself in check during the interview. Is it possible that you’re speaking too quickly? Is it true that you’re mumbling? Do your ideas flow well? If you feel yourself drifting off-topic, take a breath, collect your thoughts, and resume your conversation – it will make all the difference in an employer’s eyes! This is an important component of properly answering all graduate interview questions.

  • To understand why you’re the best
    You’ve made it to the job interview; now it’s time to put your best foot forward. You must pique the interviewer’s interest by listing all of your major accomplishments. When you’re asked, “Tell me about yourself,” it’s your time to brag about your accomplishments as much as possible.
    The interviewer will frequently use your response as a springboard for the following question, for example, asking you to expound on some of the things you just highlighted - this is a wonderful opportunity to guide the interview in the direction you choose. Make sure you can talk about yourself professionally and in detail while you’re preparing for graduate interview questions.
    What you should do:
    Highlight your significant accomplishments and qualities, particularly those you’d like to elaborate on during the interview. You may emphasize these points by pausing for a little while after each one before moving on to the next. Concentrate on the abilities and qualities that are relevant to the job description.