Tell me about a time when you were consulted for a problem?

The interviewer wants to know what you are known/remembered for among the people who know you. Do your friends come to you for relationship advice, professional advice or to brainstorm solutions? Do they ask you for places to visit around town? Think about what you know a lot about, and what your friends know & think about you too!

Bring Up Any Relevant Professional Situation. Prior to your interview- make a list of times when you’ve had to call the shots in the workplace. For behavioral interview questions like this one- you can dig back into your [work history] and draw from almost any prior position. Since the goal here is to focus on your interpersonal skills with other employees or customers- your place of employment is far less relevant than how you handled the situation.
“We look for candidates who have a wider lens in understanding the impact of their own function, and most of all able to operate in a high growth environment with a desire to grow.