Technical interview questions for campus placement for IBM?

IBM Cognitive Ability - Six Mini Games are used to evaluate problem-solving abilities.
This game offers questions or puzzles about which the student has no prior knowledge. It’s a game where you have to think on your feet.

Examine your numerical reasoning skills.
The candidate’s numerical ability is the emphasis of this phase of the game. The games in this part are designed to improve the student’s quantitative agility.

Test your verbal skills.
The quizzes or puzzles in this section of the six mini games are aimed at testing your verbal and written English skills.

IBM English Language Question
Active/ Passive Voice - 0 to 1 - Moderate - High
Fill in the blanks - 0 to 1 - Moderate - Medium
Spotting Error - 0 to 1 - Moderate - Medium
Spellings - 0 to 1 - High - High
Synonyms - 1 to 2 - High - Medium
Antonyms - 1 to 2 - High - Medium
Prepositions and Conjunctions - 0 to 1 - Moderate - Medium
Tenses and Articles - 0 to 1 - Moderate – High

IBM Learning Agility Assessment Questions
Describe yourself as truthfully as possible. For each question, you must select one of these options.

Strongly Disagree
Slightly Disagree
Neither Agree nor Disagree
Slightly Agree
Strongly Disagree

Which programming languages are being used by you? What top three programming languages would you prefer?
What programming languages are you most familiar with?
What are the most important aspects to pay attention to when reviewing another team member’s code?
Please explain big-O notation in the simplest terms.
What are Cohesion and Coupling?
What are the various phases of SDLC?
What is Black box testing?
What is White box testing?
Tell us what is the Difference Between quality control and quality assurance?