Technical interview questions for campus placement for eClerx for experienced?

Questions For Experienced eClerx Technical Interviewers
As you advance in your job, your tasks get more and more demanding. The interview becomes more challenging as the jobs change. We’re here to assist you with your interview and lighten your load. Here are a few technical interview questions from the eClerx interview.

• Threats or vulnerabilities: which is more essential for cyber security experts to focus on?
• What are the most typical countermeasures to a Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) attack?
• Why are internal threats so much more effective than external ones?
• Explain the whole process that occurs when you visit a URL in a browser. Describe how SSL works.
• You discover that your network is experiencing a difficulty. You can mend it, but you don’t have authority over it. So, what exactly do you do?
• What is the three-way handshake, and how does it work? How can it be used to launch a denial-of-service attack?
• How can the NTFS technique be used to safeguard data?
• Why would you want to connect to a server through SSH from a Windows computer?
• How might tracing a path assist you in determining the location of a communication breakdown?
• How would you collaborate with engineers who aren’t security experts?
• What’s the difference between encryption, hashing, and encoding?
• What is it about my merchandise that you don’t like? What changes would you make?
• When do you believe the best timing is to launch a product?
• In “engineer jargon,” describe one characteristic of the product you mentioned.
• What is the difference between waterfall and agile techniques, and why do you choose one over the other?
• Is it possible that the demand for a certain product initially outstripped your manufacturing capacity? What are your plans for dealing with this?
• These are some of the flaws in our product. What would you do to make them better?
• What would your co-workers say about you if I asked them?
• How do you handle internal groups while managing a product?
• How can you tell whether a product launch is a success?
• What areas of product management fascinate you the least?