Technical interview preparation for campus placement for PwC?

I was just hired by PwC, therefore I hope my advice is useful to anybody pursuing a similar position.

  1. Concentrate on your skills and steer the interview in your direction. Yes, you should be a wise man. This also assists the interview appraise you since he sees that you know how to deal with situations where things aren’t going your way.

  2. All through the interview, be honest and concise.

  3. Don’t say anything stupid; instead, say something you think the interviewer might not know or be surprised to hear form you. Don’t go around in circles.

  4. Don’t get sidetracked when narrating a response. Be succinct but powerful.

Investigate the firm for which you intend to apply. It’s global revenue return, Indian revenue excess return, and so on, compared to E&Y, Pwc, and KPMG. I also looked up the meaning of the company’s logo, tagline, and SWOT analysis. Examine the services they provide, as well as their accomplishments and future possibilities.