Technical debt in Codes?

Finally, your low-code prototype might turn into the biggest piece of technical debt in your business if you’re not careful.

For example, WordPress is consistently given as [the most dreaded platform in the Stack Overflow Developer Survey. While it’s open-source and has a robust plugin ecosystem, it’s often misused, poorly secured, slow at scale, and hard to test. It may take very little coding work to get started with, but maintaining and updating it is a price you’ll pay for years.

Low-code tools might also force you into a complete rewrite once you outgrow them. I consulted for a startup that used [Bubble.ioor their MVP, but quickly realized it was going to be very expensive and slow for their use case. If you have to rebuild while your company is growing rapidly, you might be in for a very tough ride.

My only advice on this topic is to build interfaces that you control to minimize lock-in as much as possible. This can be hard when your low-code tool is the backbone of your entire application, so it’s important to spend time evaluating each option.