Tasks of A Junior Developer

For Junior developers, consider that they need constant supervision and code review. They just came out for schools or apprenticeships without going through the whole development cycle. As a result, Junior developers are likely to make naive mistakes or miss bugs because of their lack of experience. For these reasons, if you are hiring a Junior position, keep in mind that your senior or midlevel team members must take time to train and review their work, even if it’s side support of a running process.

Here is a list of the main tasks for Junior developers:

  • Assist the development manager in working on software design and coding.
  • Attend and contribute to company development meetings.
  • Update and learn new coding skills.
  • Write and maintain code.
  • Work and monitor minor bug fixes and the technical performance of internal systems.
  • Respond to requests from the development team.
  • Gather information from consumers about program functionality.
  • Write reports.
  • Conduct development tests.