Tackling traceroute shortcomings?

While traceroute is a great tool for identifying problems, it does have some significant shortcomings. For instance, it doesn’t display historical data, which can make identifying patterns difficult. It also doesn’t represent multiple paths easily—and because many firewalls block ICMP requests, traceroute often displays incomplete data.

To overcome these shortcomings, it’s important to look for powerful solutions that can offer deep visibility beyond what traceroute offers. [NetPath is a feature of the [SolarWinds N-central suite, an all-in-one remote monitoring and management solution designed with MSPs in mind. NetPath displays the flow of data in a dynamic and visually compelling way and can help MSPs tackle the challenges traditionally associated with traceroute. It also features a professionally designed user interface as opposed to the harder to understand command line display associated with traceroute.

NetPath can also function as a remote traceroute tool. To use the NetPath feature to perform a traceroute test, follow the below instructions:

  • Navigate to the NetPath services page and click “create new service”
  • Fill in a hostname or IP address
  • Fill in any TCP port
  • Enter a nickname
  • Enter a probing interval
  • Click “next”
  • Choose to either use the probe on your main polling engine or deploy a probe to a remote location—this means NetPath can function as a remote traceroute tool
  • Click “create” to generate your path