Steps to Develop an Expert System

There are 6 steps involved in the development of an expert system.

Expert Systems Examples

There are numerous examples of expert systems. Some of them are:

  • MYCIN: This was one of the earliest expert systems that was based on backward chaining. It has the ability to identify various bacteria that cause severe infections. It is also capable of recommending drugs based on a person’s weight.
  • DENDRAL: This was an AI based expert system used essentially for chemical analysis. It uses a substance’s spectrographic data in order to predict its molecular structure.
  • R1/XCON: This ES had the ability to select specific software to generate a computer system as per user preference.
  • PXDES: This system could easily determine the type and the degree of lung cancer in patients based on limited data.
  • CaDet: This is a clinical support system that identifies cancer in early stages.
  • DXplain: This is also a clinical support system that is capable of suggesting a variety of diseases based on just the findings of the doctor.