State Benefits of Learning Data Structures?

Benefits of Learning Data Structures

Any given problem has constraints on how fast the problem should be solved (time) and how much less resources the problem consumes(space). That is, a problem is constrained by the space and time complexity within which it has to be solved efficiently.

In order to do this, it is very much essential for the given problem to be represented in a proper structured format upon which efficient algorithms could be applied.
Selection of proper data structure becomes the most important step before applying algorithm to any problem.

Having knowledge of different kinds of data structures available helps the programmer in choosing which data structure suits the best for solving a problem efficiently. It is not just important to make a problem work, it is important how efficiently you make it work.

Data structures in C, Java

The core concepts of data structures remains the same across all the programming languages. Only the implementation differs based on the syntax or the structure of the programming language.
The implementation in procedural languages like C is done with the help of structures, pointers, etc.
In an objected oriented language like Java, data structures are implemented by using classes and objects.
Having sound knowledge of the concepts of each and every data structures helps you to stand apart in any interviews as selecting right data structure is the first step towards solving problem efficiently.