Start With Good, Make it Better in Codes?

Good code reviews already have lots of good effort going into them. They do a thorough review of the change itself, avoid being opinionated with the tone of comments, and make nitpicks clear. They maintain a consistent bar, regardless of who is requesting the review and try to make cross-time zone reviews less painful by paying additional attention to these. Organizations that have good reviews ensure that every developer regularly receives and does code reviews. This is already a high bar—but if you get here, don’t stop. Code reviews are one of the best ways to improve your skills, mentor others, and learn how to be a more efficient communicator.

Get to better code reviews by continuously improving on the details, but also start looking at changes at a high level as well. Be empathetic in the tone of comments and think of ways outside the code review process to eliminate frequent nitpicks. Make code reviews especially welcoming for new starters and look for systemic solutions for painful cross-time zone reviews. Organizations that are forward-looking encourage investing in tooling and process improvements to make code reviews better, reaping more of the benefits.