Some points a data analyst should consider before joining a company

The following are some points or facts to consider before joining a company:

Company growth and attrition rates

This is something that many job hopefuls overlook. Inquire about the company’s growth and attrition rate throughout the interview. To know you’re a part of something huge, you need to know what the company’s road map looks like. Learn about employee turnover, employee size, and so on.

Research on brand value

Recognize the brand value of the company you’re about to join. This may be a minor point, but it is crucial when applying for jobs. If you work for a firm with a below-average brand value, you’re likely to work for other organizations with comparable brand values.

Benefits and Perks

This usually applies to mid-sized businesses. On the other hand, small businesses provide a lot of work flexibility, location flexibility, and essential perks like lunch and snacks and medical insurance.

Avoid any organization that claims to offer “no perks, advantages, or flexibility.” You’ll be brain dead in no time if you only work.

Medical benefits, flexible work hours, and sick leave are all provided by mid-sized and large corporations.