Some companies where data analyst can apply in india

Following are some companies where fresher data analysts can apply for jobs and start their careers:


In technology and communications, telecommunications, media, banking and finance, and insurance, Virtusa is a significant software vendor. It is one of India’s top analytics firms, with over 2000 clients.

Virtusa is noted for its unique software and worldwide delivery model. They provide expert IT services to their clients, allowing them to improve business performance, increase efficiency, and improve customer service.


Absolutdata is one of the Indian analytics firms attempting to introduce a diagnostic approach to business analytics. Absolutdata has the best-in-class business analytics system for determining which marketing initiatives would yield the best outcomes, from customer analytics to marketing analytics.

If you’re looking for a mid-sized firm with a work culture that incorporates fun and learning, Absolutdata is the place.


The last company on our list of top analytics businesses in India is Zendrive, which uses 100 billion driving data points to improve safety. Zendrive is working to create a safe transportation system, from risk prediction to collision reduction.

Zendrive was founded in 2013 by two ex-Google workers and is now a global brand that uses sensor data to increase predictability and accuracy in driving; what better company to collaborate with than one that uses data to make roads safer for us?