Software Testing is about analyzing data and providing results?

As I mentioned above, software testing is not limited to executing test cases. One has to understand the results, has to generate a matrix and also needs to analyze a product’s behavior accordingly.
I really hope no one would go for this option. Software testing is an ocean and no matter at which point you are sailing your boat, you are surely going to face the strong winds and splashing waves.

But ultimately, my friend, who wants to sit on the seashore and keep looking at boats? So, love your software testing job as you are doing something best rather than just earning.

Finally, after reading these points, What do you feel? Why do you like testing?

Tune in with your like factors or provide a number of factors from the above list, which makes you like testing. We are waiting for your response.

About the author: This article is written by STH team member Bhumika Mehta. She is a project lead, carrying 7 years of experience in software testing