Social Media Marketing – What are the common mistakes to avoid?

Social Media Marketing is one of the most lucrative areas in the age of digital penetration. Every brand aims at creating a space for itself amidst the various competitors in the market. In the haste to achieve this, marketers can commit the following mistakes that should be avoided:

  1. Not formulating a clear social media marketing plan – There should be a clear plan along with objectives to be achieved and the resources required for the same. Merely posting on social media without a concrete objective might not give the desired results.
  2. Not defining the target segment – In order to avoid inconsistencies between the communication designed and the communication being perceived, a clear definition of the target audience is required.
  3. Poor engagement – For elicit conversations, content should be created in such a way that propels a browser to share or comment on it. Here, engaging back with the audience is important (e.g.- reshares)
  4. Failing to track analytics – In order to keep creating effective content, past metrics have to be evaluated and their impacts studied.
  5. Treating all social platforms as the same – Each social media platform has unique features and unique opportunities. Hence, there should be unique ways of communication over each platform.