Six Sigma Certifications in Supply Chain Management Industry

Six Sigma Certifications will act as perfect tool to uplift your career in supply chain and logistics industry. Six Sigma Certifications consist of various belts like black, green and yellow they are designed according to the difficulty level to achieve these certifications or belts.
Having these certifications will give you a competitive advantage to you against your competitor in career growth and uplift.
This certification will enhance your leadership skills in the organization and helps you lead your team in a better with minimum amount of wastage of resources. With these certification you could also have a better pay scale as compared to people who don’t have these certifications.
yellow Belt certification is an efficient way to learn the basics of Six Sigma. It is ideal for those who lead limited improvement projects. Those who are supporting improvement projects in a limited role in a Six Sigma team.

Green Belt certification is ideal for those who are part of a Six Sigma Management Team. Those who are assisting with data collection and analysis for improvement projects. Green Belt training will allow you to implement Lean Six Sigma proficiently.

Black Belt certification is for team leaders who manage big improvement. It also helps in problem-solving projects. At the Black Belt level, you will have a thorough understanding of all aspects of Lean Six Sigma

The impact of Six Sigma is being seen on company’s every level. This has steered it to be adopted by businesses in all types of industries.
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