Should I pursue a career in data science or should I go for quantum computing?

It is a personal preference as to whether you prefer theoretical or practical labour.

Quantum computing is a nebulous concept with far-reaching consequences for computing’s future. What quantum computing researchers are doing now will have a significant impact on addressing major issues in Next Generation Sequencing, Robotics, and Deep Learning, as well as any other technology that requires nearly infinite resources to solve real-world problems that require extreme computation.
Data Science, on the other hand, allows you to see the results of your work. You’ll be tasked with identifying patterns in the data. You’ll develop and share tales about patterns, as well as assist in the prediction of a future model based on previous patterns. It’s a lot more enjoyable since you can see the outcomes of your analysis and work on the feedback iteratively. Since you are a data specialist who understands the universal data language, you can work across several verticals because data science applies to any vertical that gathers data.
More Data Scientists are needed in the industry, but more quantum scientists are needed in research because developments in quantum computing will provide a stronger infrastructure for data science and other computationally heavy issues.