Search Engine Optimization Fundamentals

Search Engine Optimization Fundamentals
Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is a concept that many people are familiar with. It’s a psychological theory that puts the most basic human requirements (such air, water, and physical safety) ahead of more complex wants (like esteem and social belonging). According to the principle, you can’t meet the highest wants without addressing the more basic ones first. If you don’t have food, love is meaningless.

Rand Fishkin, our developer, adopted a unique pyramid to describe how people should approach SEO, which we’ve termed “Mozlow’s hierarchy of SEO needs.”

Here’s what it looks like:

Guide to SEO Basics

As you can see, maintaining crawl accessibility is the cornerstone of effective SEO, and it builds from there.

We can follow these seven steps to successful SEO using this beginner’s guide:

  1. Make your website crawlable because then search engines can read it.
  2. Enticing information that responds to the searcher’s question
    3)To attract searchers and engines, keywords should be optimised.
  3. A great user experience includes a quick load time and an appealing user interface.
  4. Linkable, citation-worthy, and amplification-worthy content
  5. To get a high CTR in the rankings, use a catchy title, URL, and description.
  6. To stand out in SERPs, use snippet/schema markup.