SDE -Meta Interview Experience

Position: Software Engineer
Location: INDIA

Technical Phone Screen - I

  1. Move zeros
    (Required to provide a solution which optimized on the number of writes)
  2. Serialize and Deserialize a binary tree

Onsite (5 rounds)
Round 1:(System Design)
Design a Facebook notifications system

Round 2 (Coding)

  1. Sort Transformed Array
  2. Check whether an array can be sorted by swapping just a pair of elements (Sort an almost sorted array where only two elements are swapped - GeeksforGeeks)

Round 3(Coding)

  1. Add and search word

Round 4 (Coding and behavioral)

  1. Combination Sum

Round 5 (Coding)
1)Range Sum Query 2D - Immutable

Overall experience was very nice.

General Tip:
Meta interview is a bit hard and they care about your attitude more than technical skills.
Read leadership principles well before you go to the interview.