SDE Interview experience of On-Campus Drive by MakeMyTrip

MakeMyTrip visited our campus for the position of Software Engineer in their Gurgaon office. Although they were hiring for the position of Software Engineer, they selected people for different fields like Software Development, Android, Web Development, etc. There was a total of 4 rounds.
Online Round – (Aptitude + Coding, 1 Hour )
This round consisted of 20 aptitude questions and 3 coding Questions.
The aptitude questions were easy. Next were the coding questions.
Coding Questions:

  1. Next smallest palindrome
    Given a number, find the next smallest palindrome - GeeksforGeeks
  2. Given a number find the inverse of it such that (number * inverse) modulo 10^9+7=1
    Input: 2
    Output: 5*10^8+3
  3. Check whether the frequency of the alphabet on the first half of the string is equal to the frequency on the second half.
    Output: Yes, No, Yes

Technical Interview 1 – Around 1 Hr 15 Min
The interviewer was very cool and friendly. He asked me to introduce myself and made me comfortable. He went through my resume. My AOIs were Software Development in Java, DBMS, and Networking. He started with basic questions on Java. These questions were based on OOPs implementation in Java, Hast Table, Array List, and Multithreading and Synchronization. Some of the questions were:

  • Explain Interface and Abstract class in Java.
  • Why Java is platform independent? What is JDK, JRE and JVM?
  • What are the major differences in Java 1.7 and Java 1.8?
  • Basics of Java Collections Framework (JCF) which included Vector, ArrayList, TreeSet, TreeMap etc.
  • Usages of LinkedHashMap.
  • What is Hashtable? Concept of linear chaining and probing in Hashtable.
  • Explain how hash code works?
  • What is ArrayList. How the size of the ArrayList is modified in Java.
  • He asked me to write my own implementation of Hashtable and ArrayList in Java which I wrote
  • in one go.
  • What are ThreadPool and ThreadPoolExecutor. When do we use them?
  • What is Deadlock and how Synchronization in Java avoids Deadlock?
    I answered almost all the questions which impressed the interviewer. He asked about my projects. I explained to him thoroughly and got the call for the second interview without any wait. My first interview gave me a high confidence level.

Technical Interview 2 – Around 45 Min
The interviewer did not ask too many things in this round. He asked about projects and some questions about DBMS and OS. The questions were:

  • What are ACID properties?
  • What is normal forms and why they are used?
  • Data structure used in DBMS (which is B+ tree). Why B+ tree?
  • What is Thrashing? How to avoid it.
  • He asked me to write the implementation of TCP Buffer in Java. It took me a while but I wrote it at last.
    He directly sent me to HR.

HR Round – 20 min
This round was just like a formality. HR was nice. She asked me to introduce myself and asked about my hobbies. Then she gave me the form in which I had to fill in my personal information. She introduced me to the lines of businesses of MakeMyTrip (MMT). She explained to me the hierarchical level in the company.
Result-I got selected