Role of Human Resource Manager or Director

This is a great career path:

  • Some firms employ an HR manager, whereas others hire an HR director.
  • HR managers and directors, regardless of title, share comparable responsibilities.
  • HR managers and directors gain from the opportunity to contact with and assist employees on a personal level.
  • They also collaborate with the Chief HR Officer on HR planning, coordination, execution, and management.
  • They are responsible for assisting employees through the employment process, explaining benefit packages, training employees, resolving labour disputes, and other administrative responsibilities that affect employees.
  • HR directors and managers are also called upon to consult on various concerns, including equal employment opportunities, labour regulations, and sexual harassment.
  • They have a direct and positive impact on the employees of a business.
  • Helping others brings many social benefits and the joy of making a real difference in the lives of others. The average yearly salary for an HR manager or director is $116,720, with top earners earning $205,720.