Role of an Area Sales Manager

One of the most common roles in Sales and Marketing, once you graduate out of a B-School, is that of an Area Sales Manager.

This role is commonly offered by firms operating out of the Fast Moving Consumer Goods or Durables segment, commonly attributed as the FMCG Companies

These companies recruit students to the Area Sales Manager role and this role entails a one year stint as a management trainee and then into the reigns of a Area Sales Manager.

One is in charge of a region and typically leads a small team and is in charge of sales in that region. Deliverables don’t just include sales figures but also being a representative of the brand ensure that the branding is maintained by providing vital inputs on the basis of the reception from the area.

It is also worth mentioning that the non quantifiable aspects of this role are huge with one having to deal with distributors, retailers and salespeople along the way. Having a strong brand with a good distribution network aided with strong relationships with distributors and retailers is essential.

This paves the way for growth into brand management or if one wants to continue in Sales, into the Regional and then National Sales head roles.