Role of a Digital Marketing Content Manager

Content management is a crucial responsibility for any agency or digital marketing team since it affects practically every aspect of marketing – and it goes far beyond writing and social media activity.

Content managers must be able to not only develop SEO-friendly content, but also organize, store, and manage it efficiently. They need to understand how content feeds into different subsets of the marketing plan and grasp how to develop and share the content assets on the right channels.

Content managers may be in charge of social media strategy, managing a staff of writers, making entertaining videos, reporting and planning using analytics, and a variety of other tasks.

To do this, they need to coordinate teams and work with a diverse range of clients.

So, a good Content Manager, not only needs to be a great writer but also create stellar content that works across multiple channels. They also need to be good at relationship building, creative, organized, and self-motivated.

The salaries offered to Digital Marketing Content Manager are ranging from 3-19 Lakhs with an average of 7 lakhs. The pay offered varies drastically depending on the vertical or domains the company in question is plying it’s trade-in.

More pay is found in areas where there is an opportunity for the firm to make more profits and in many cases, a significant portion of the salary is offered in terms of stock options and bonuses for getting new customers or making inroads into a region which is typically over and beyond the range of salary mentioned above.

In addition, prior work experience would play a significant role in ensuring your pay is higher as experience is of vital importance.

Companies are actively seeking out people with prior work experience in related domains and thus your bargaining power when it comes to negotiating your salary is immense when it comes to this domain or line of business.

Having a strong command over a lot of analytics and digital marketing campaigns and the ability to understand the product and the policies that motivate the sales team would help you immensely with this role as it entails meeting with different people and forming networks which would help you establish yourself in the market and to maintain a good rapport with the sales teams.

The other advantage of knowing multiple analytical tools is the ability to seamlessly move to another tool or even a new job and get started without taking much time or without letting it affect your work and to link up quickly with the other teams.

Good communications skills are mandated in this line of work as that helps you communicate effectively with various stakeholders particularly the customers as they are the ones with whom you would be interacting the most.

Customers also appreciate someone who takes the extra effort and would gravitate towards the organization that does that.