Reclaim Lost & Broken Links in SEO?

Over time, links get lost or broken for various reasons that are totally out of your control.

It could be that an author updates a piece of content and removes the link, that it simply gets lost during a site update or even that the page becomes a 404 or is 301 redirected.

It could even be that a page on your site that has links pointing to it becomes a 404. And links pointing to a 404 page won’t be counted as part of Google’s ranking algorithm.

For whatever reason, you need to monitor your site’s lost and broken links and take action to reclaim them:

  • Reach out to your original contact at a site and try and get a link added back in or fixed when the issue is their end.
  • If you find that a page on your site has become a 404 and is creating broken links, either redirect this URL to the most suitable page, put the original page live again, or reach out and ask for the link target to be updated.

You can find and monitor broken and lost backlinks with the SEMrush.