Real meaning of 'RELATIONAL' in SQL RDBMS?

SQL is known as a Relational Database Management System or RDBMS.

Don’t bother memorizing it. We only care about the word RELATIONAL.

MYTH: Some people think that RELATIONAL means multiple tables relating to each other. That’s not correct.

All this means to you is that to design a killer table, you need to consider how the columns relate to each other to describe a thing.

The challenge is to describe the thing using columns in a way that makes getting the information out of it easy. This depends on what you need from the table, but there are some very broad steps you can follow when you’re creating a table.

  1. Pick your thing, the one thing you want your table to describe.

  2. Make a list of the information you need to know about your one thing when you’re using the table.

  3. Using the list, break down the information about your thing into pieces you can use for organizing your table.