Questions About the Least Challenging Aspects

Even though the employer may start by asking about the most challenging aspect of the job, they may follow up by asking about other parts of the job that would be relatively easy for you to carry out. You should be ready to share parts of the job that would be comparatively simple for you to master.

You should think of a question about the simplest aspect of a job much in the same way as you would respond to a question about your greatest strength.

Begin With the Job Description
Start by reviewing the job description and, once again, breaking the position down into its components. Then, focus special attention on the parts of the job that appear to add the most value to the organization and look for a connection to your skillset.

Focus on Most Valued Skills
It won’t mean as much if you say you’ll be able to easily handle the parts of the job that they don’t value as highly. You can, however, make a good impression if you match your skills with what they value the most.

Be prepared to share multiple examples of similar tasks that you have successfully completed in past jobs. You should be able to describe the situation, actions which you took, skills you drew upon, and the results which you generated. Having multiple examples gives you a better chance of striking gold by matching your skills to the ones they consider key to the position and to the success of their company.

What Not to Say
You don’t want to give the impression that you will be quickly bored in the job, as it will present you with no challenge at all. Respond with enthusiasm about the parts of the job that won’t be challenging, perhaps focusing on skills that you enjoy using, even though you are skilled and experienced with them.