PwC hiring process for Data science jobs as freshers

This will depends on who is doing the interview. Each department need unique abilities to supplement its current staff. Frequently, they’re searching for people to work on specific projects or for certain customers. As a result, there isn’t a clear pattern for getting interviews.

Behavioral inquiries will almost certainly be asked. You will most likely be assigned to a team and would be required to interact with clients.

When it comes to analytics, they’ll inquire about your software and technological expertise. I doubt they do a full-fledged case interview, but they will ask you leading questions to ensure you understand the material. Don’t fret if you do not even know everything there is to know about analytics software.

Then you’ll be taken to a workplace and asked to speak with people at all levels. HR, a peer interview (usually with someone in a job one level above you), a directors level, and at least one or two partners are all possibilities.)

Than you’ll be sorted.