Pros of telegram marketing

VoIP calls are FREE! And they even include end-to-end encryption. Messages or Calls for One Person Only — Just Like a Private Conversation — Very Similar to Snapchat Fully Encrypted Chats — Even Self Destruct Feature Available Offers 200 People Chat Group Size Option Allows Users to Share Data with Specific Contacts Has Funny Stickers (but this is not something that can help your business) Does Not Require Your Phone Number (it does have drawbacks when compared to WhatsApp)

Even though Telegram is an excellent app, it’s not appropriate for large companies since you can’t send bulk messages and whatnot. It’s also unsuitable for connecting to your customers because there are no @ mentions or direct links that other messaging services offer. Besides, advertising on Telegram costs money (unless you’re using some custom bots — that’s a bit more expensive, though). Nevertheless, the app has something unique and different from anything else I’ve seen so far despite all of this.