Programming languages are you familiar with?

The hiring manager here wants to make sure that you have experience with a breadth of different programming languages and, most importantly, that you’re adept with whichever coding language used by that company. To answer this web developer interview question, it is once again important to review the job description and prioritize whichever coding languages are demanded.

Be honest if you’re more familiar with certain languages than others – for instance, perhaps you have used HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript extensively in your current position, but you have only scratched the surface with Ruby or SQL. It is also a smart idea to give the hiring manager an idea of the specific applications you have for each programming language.

  • How would you describe the role of a Web Developer? What are the most important aspects of the job and why?
  • What are the advantages of HTTP 2.0 over HTTP 1.1?
  • What is the difference between ID and Class selector
  • What is the difference between null value and undefined value?
  • How is HTML different from XHTML?
  • What is type coercion in JavaScript
  • What is an ETag and how does it work
  • What is the difference between responsive design and adaptive design
  • What is progressive rendering in HTML
  • What is the difference between span and div tag in HTML5
  • What are CSS selectors? Name some.
  • Explain quirks, full standards, and almost standards mode.
  • What is HTML5 Web Storage
  • What is the difference between ES5 and ES6?
  • How do you organize your class modules and assets
  • How would you explain APIs to non-technical stakeholders
  • What is the difference between black box and white box testing
  • Please explain big-O notation in the simplest terms.
  • What do you think will be the biggest trends in future web development
  • What is the biggest difference between developing for mobile and desktop
  • Provide a basic overview of push technology. What are its benefits and drawbacks
  • How can Page Visibility API be useful