Preventive Software Maintenance?

Perfective software maintenance focuses on the evolution of requirements and features that existing in your system. As users interact with your applications, they may notice things that you did not or suggest new features that they would like as part of the software, which could become future projects or enhancements. Perfective software maintenance takes over some of the work, both adding features that can enhance user experience and removing features that are not effective and functional. This can include features that are not used or those that do not help you to meet your end goals.
Preventative Software Maintenance helps to make changes and adaptations to your software so that it can work for a longer period of time. The focus of the type of maintenance is to prevent the deterioration of your software as it continues to adapt and change. These services can include optimizing code and updating documentation as needed.

Preventative software maintenance helps to reduce the risk associated with operating software for a long time, helping it to become more stable, understandable, and maintainable.

For all businesses and organizations, software maintenance is an essential part of the software development lifecycle. This isn’t something that one can skip or avoid. It is absolutely necessary for the success of your software and any evolution into the future. It is important to know that maintenance needs to go much further than fixing issues or bugs – that is only one steps of the software maintenance process.

Updating software environments, reducing deterioration, and enhancing what is already there to help satisfy the needs of all users are also included in the software maintenance examples.