Preparation tips for CAT exam

I had given cat twice, one in the year 2019 and 2020. I can share some preparation tips based on experience from 53 percentile in 2019 to 97.26 percentile. In 2020, what are the changes I made in my preparation between these two attempts? I started preparing for CAT 2020 in the month of June.

  1. The first and foremost thing one has to do while preparing for CAT is to get the basics right of each topic in each section. You have to take your time to get a stronghold on the basics of each topic, which will be helpful in CAT and other MBA entrance exams.
  2. Chalk out your strong and weak areas at the beginning of your preparation only. For Strong areas, you have to concentrate on how fast you can answer to those questions and for weak areas, start spending more time on the basics, getting clear and taking your time while solving such types of questions. No one will have zero weak areas, so try to reduce your weak areas during preparations and slowly convert them into strong areas.
  3. You should always track your progress daily, weekly and monthly. It will hardly take 15-20 mins write down the progress of each day.
  4. Start giving one mock in a week and gradually take it towards attempting 2,3 and 4 mocks weekly.
    More than the mock scores, you have to concentrate on the topics(which you thought you were strong at) which went wrong and make sure that it doesn’t happen again. Pick a couple of weak areas, observe how the questions are being asked, and start working on them. You cannot cover all the weak areas in one mock exam, so pick a topic and work it before the next mock and execute them in the next mock attempt. This way, you can see you are augmenting.