People feel more comfortable being wrong than uncertain

Pursuing super-ambitious goals may have a far-reaching negative impact on your employees as well. Here are just a few of the ramifications that come with it:

Burnout & low-quality results. If the expectations placed on your employees are too high, they will be forced to work harder to catch up and their performance will eventually tank. If they’re in the throes of full-fledged burnout, your employees will no longer be able to work efficiently, and their work will be less than stellar. They will rush tasks and cut corners, which will cause mistakes and lead to poor-quality outcomes.
Missed delivery dates. Impossible deadlines mean it’s unlikely that your team will be able to achieve them, and so they will often miss targets. If they regularly fail to deliver on time, the question on the table will be “Why is your team underachieving?” while they have been forced to push themselves to their limits to meet unrealistic expectations.
Low morale. Meeting a deadline is a motivation booster. However, if your team constantly misses their deadlines, your entire team can feel like they’re not achieving. Your employees need to know how their work brings value to your company. They need to see how their efforts contribute to business success. If they don’t, this can impact their self-esteem, motivation, and engagement, which would damage your company’s bottom-line.
Higher staff turnover. Voluntary turnover is a problem that’s costing the US economy $1 Trillion per year, according to Gallup. And this problem is self-inflicted by organizations. If staff feel like they can never and will never be able to meet your expectations, they may realize their only option is to resign. Not only do you lose up to two times their annual salary in turnover costs, but all their expertise and knowledge of your company walk away through the front door too.
Setting realistic expectations and meeting customer’s requirements have to be a priority for every business. Let’s explore the steps you can take to achieving more predictable results without overburdening your workforce.