Once through the entrance exam, what are other rounds in the admission process for IIFT?

Once through the entrance exam, the candidates looking for IIFT as their choice of B-school will have to go through processes where their communication skills, leadership and debating ability and knowledge of the field and the current trends around the world in the field of trade and commerce, international relations and government policies will be tested.
The aforementioned skills will be tested through a system that consists of an essay writing round, usually based on a topic of importance for the field you are applying for such as new business trends, a government policy in news, the ongoing business environment in the nation and the government’s following up of the situation, financial trends and any particular topic from the field in the news, the budget and the economic survey, any important report being published by any known authority and other important issues.
The candidates will be judged on the basis of their knowledge of the matter, their writing skills, their structuring of the essay and flow of the topic, as well as the vocabulary and use of technical terms. The candidate should also be mindful of using appropriate idioms and metaphors in their essays, with proper placement.

The Group Discussion round of the admission process of the IIFT tests, just like the ones of other colleges, tests the candidates on the basis of their communication skills, their ability to win over people on their side by through facts and arguments, and sometimes, even just personality. When we talk about getting one’s communication skills correct, we are talking about both the listening as well as speaking part, given that you’ll not be able to understand the topic and make a note of the arguments of others to make points of your own as counter argument or in support.
The topics of the General Discussion rounds are generally tilted towards the topics that are concerned with current trends in the field of business, trade, finance, international relations and government policies. Since most of these rounds occur around the budget session, the budget and economic survey may be some hot topics to prepare for.
Also, this is where your months of preparation of current affairs and static general knowledge comes into full utilization after it has got you through the entrance exam section.
Having a habit of going through newspapers and current affairs magazines not only prepares you well on the content of the discussion, but also enriches your vocabulary and communication skills in terms of structuring of sentences. But always remember, it is noted if you are able to make your points get through each and everyone in the room. So use of simpler terms and language, but enough facts and verbal and non-verbal command over your speaking skills will go a long way and help you score good points.

The final frontier of the admission process of IIFT, like most of other similar institutes happens to be the Personal Interview round. The candidate entering the PI room is greeted by multiple interviewers, who will be either taking turns one by one or just jump in to ask you something based on your profile or something you have already mentioned.

Always remember that some of the most important characteristics that people look for in an interview are confidence, honesty and a sound presence of mind that helps you tackle unforeseen situations with caution and composure. In spite of going through rounds and rounds of mock interview preparations and getting prepared for all sorts of questions that can be thrown at you, there might be situations where you might feel vulnerable. The idea is to not panic and quickly analyze a safe passage out of it with a witty answer, or admit not knowing it with honesty.

The questions can be around anything. Your personal background, professional background, the areas of the country where you were born and grew up, your strengths and weaknesses and the challenges that you have faced. These are easily prepared topics people go through before any interview opportunity. One must freely express themselves as freely as possible in these areas. The key is to know about yourself and the places where you have been. This gives an idea about the self-awareness and the connect with one’s environment.

Another area one must prepare well is around the institution, the course that you see yourself fit in and why, how does it connect with your past education, and if no, why are you trying to enter into a new segment altogether. This again tests how seriously the candidate has been preparing for the process and if they are able to take decisions after analyzing all sides carefully.

Always prepare your background around education well if you are a fresher, or having the work experience in the same field. Though not necessarily being asked, it might become a part of discussion if the interviewer shares the same background. Same goes for mentioning hobbies and fields of interest. Avoid mentioning areas you barely know about or have a slight idea about.

Candidates that took the IIFT 2022 exams are shortlisted based on their exam scores (both overall and sectional). Even if a candidate clears the overall cut-off but is unable to clear a sectional cut-off, that candidate will not be considered for further rounds of the selection process.

  • Candidates who have passed the IIFT must complete an online CV form in which they must fill in the following information: Information about yourself, Qualifications in Education, Details about your professional experience, Awards, Achievements, Extra-Curricular Activities, and Languages Learned,

  • Focus on a Career (not be more than 100 words), Managerial Characteristics (not be more than 100 words). This form should be filled up carefully as the questions asked can be repeated during the personal interview process (if the candidate reaches that stage). Any discrepancy in the answers will result in cross-questioning which the candidate might not be able to tackle at that point in time.

  • In addition, there are three rounds in the IIFT 2022 selection process, which are described below: Written Ability Test, Group Discussion, Personal Interview