On which social media platforms should my business have a presence?

While quantity and quality are both important when it comes to social media, managing one platform well is significantly better than being on all channels with a poor strategy. Additionally, relevant audiences may not participate on all social channels, so it’s a great talking point to highlight the emphasis your agency places on being audience specific. Be prepared to address which social platform options the client should (and should not) be represented, and why.

For example, online reviews are a huge part of gaining business for individual companies and not so much for others. If your prospective client operates in the bed and breakfast/restaurant industry, it would be important to make sure they have a robust online review presence whereas an accounting firm need not place as much weight on it.

This is also an excellent time to discuss the importance of [targeted buyer personas] Depending on the depth of the prospect’s marketing knowledge, they may or may not understand the concept, but it’s foundational to their success, and you should position it as such.

If you’re not already leveraging a social media scheduler, Buffer is a great tool that will help you organize multiple clients on multiple platforms as well as suggest optimal times to post for select audiences.