Obviously AI

Yet another Auto ML tool, and yet another cool name!

Obviously AI boasts about a No-Code way to build your Machine Learning pipeline.

"Entire process of AI predictions, packed in one single click.":zap:

This can really complement the present work for Data Scientists by helping them do the monotonic processes.

You can just upload the dataset in a csv or even connect it to databases like MySQL, BigQuery, PostgreSQL, etc.

Once uploaded, you need to select the columns required and the target variable, and hit Start Predicting.:bulb:

Model is trained and you are provided with a nice dashboard following tabs such as:

Drivers: Shows which variables have the most impact on the target predictions, i.e., the model explainability.

Export Predictions: To make predictions on unseen data and export the results to csv or similar formats.

There are much more options available for Advanced Analytics, viewing Tech Specs such as the model performance metrics.

There’s also an option to integrate with an API to get the predictions from the deployed version. Cool!:zap:

However, only some of the services mentioned above are available in the free version.

One of their taglines say, “No Data Science Team? No Problem”

Jobs at stake?:thinking:

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